Total War: Warhammer

After I finished up work on Alien Isolation I got the opportunity to return to the Total War team for a little while to work on Warhammer. It was a pleasure to join the animation team on there, they’re a really talented bunch and I was just happy to help out where I could and animate some crazy creatures for a while. If you missed it, it was announced a few months back in spectacular fashion with the trailer just below. 4.5 views that has clocked, wow.

Below that is the full walk-through of the E3 press demo and a few of the bits I animated  were captured in that which was nice. Notably at 9:07 the giant Arachnarok spider impaling an Empire guy with one of its legs, munching on him and then spitting out his weapons(kudos to my lead Greg Alston on the spitting weapons bit, that was his suggestion) The other at 9:47 where Deathclaw grabs an Orc and flies up into the sky, dropping him from a great height to a painful death, while he lands gracefully ready for battle once more!

Below that are the two in-engine trailers our cinematics team have produced, they’re  pretty awesome too so check them out! Only more goodness to come from this team 🙂

Here’s the announce trailer:

E3 Press Demo

In-Engine Karl Franz Trailer

In Engine King Thorgrim Trailer:

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